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Minitab is a very recognized in the industries as a leading statistical software application for statistical analysis of data in research and six sigma study. Minitab data is often used in project management to improve the performance of the process.Minitab Practitioner is an professional working in any function who needs to analyze data for strategic decisions related process improvement projects - to reduce cost, increase profitability, improve accuracy, build efficiencies in the system and to enhance customer experience
  Who Must Attend Certified Minitab Practioner Program?
  • Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt certified professionals 
  • Professionals who need to take data-based strategic decisions, such as :   
  • Quality Analyst
  • Finance executives
  • Business Intelligence / Analyst 
  • Research and development 
  • Scientists
  • Data or Statistical Analytics
   Certification Criteria for Minitab Practioner Course
  • Training Completion Certificate will be issued post the successful completion of  a 2-day Minitab Practitioner Course and assessment conducted by TriQA.
 What's In It For Me
  • Increased  Marketability in the industry  - 73044 jobs currently open in India for Quality Professionals in Manufacturing, IT, ITES, Healthcare, Banks, Pharma and Others (Source:, Jan’16)
  • Gain higher salary – Median salary of a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt is $87,950 per annum(Source: ASQ Salary Survey Dec’2015)
  • Prepares you for a Leadership role 
  • Increased  Chances for quick promotion – Achieving Quality Certification can open the doors for promotion into upper management, as well as improve your chances of obtaining a job with a different employer should you want to leave your current position  
  • Ability to apply proven tools and techniques at work – Fortune 500 companies around the world have used Lean Six Sigma over the past 10-15 years and saved well over $500 Billion verified savings (cumulative) (Source:Philip Chambers, of the Lean Six Sigma & Business Excellence Institute)
  • TriQA’s Project Assistance Program for six months post the completion of course – We assist candidates to apply Lean Six Sigma concepts to real life problems.
  • Global Certification in my Resume – TriQA’s trainers are the Accredited Training Associates (ATA) of International Association for Six Sigma Certification (IASSC) which makes the certification globally recognized 
 Features Of CMP
  • Hands-on exercises in Minitab
  • Covers Statistical tools and their application
  • Brainstorming sessions Inference of Statistical Analysis 
  • 24 hours of course duration
  • Trainers are IASSC Accredited Training Associates (ATAs)
  • Interactive audio-visual medium of delivery
  • Exclusively designed for IT, ITES, manufacturing/process industry & services professionals
  • Loaded with industry case studies and examples
  • Solve complex data-related problems using Minitab
All participants get Excel templates for  frequently used quality tools
 Learning Objective
 After completing the CMP course, you should be able to:
  • Identify the most appropriate tool that need to be applied for various data types 
  • Interpret a statistical analysis of data 
  • Integrate data analysis with management decision for effectiveness
  • Apply Minitab analysis in improvement projects to increase the profitability, reduce cost and improve customer experience in your organization
  • Assist Black Belts to bring about change and work as strategic partners with the business
  • Remove “wastes” from the processes and make them “leaner”.


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